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Gopher State Tape Library is a 501 3c non-profit corporation that creates and maintains an extensive compact disk and audio cassette library of speakers who are members of Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Overeaters Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous.

We actively archive 35,000 tapes and CD's of over 7,000 different speakers. Gopher State Tape Library volunteers attend conferences, roundups and other Program gatherings to make and sell tapes. This is done as 12th Step service in the spirit of trying to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous.

PLEASE NOTE: Our CD's and tapes are intended for use by members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step fellowships. All recording is done by invitation only. In accordance with the Alcoholics Anonymous tradition of anonymity, we list only the first name and last initial of speakers. Please guard their anonymity as they would guard yours. This page is not endorsed nor sponsored by Alcoholics Anonymous or any group. Contact your local Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup or Central Office for information on AA, AA meetings in your area, and if you'd like to speak to someone regarding alcoholism.

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