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Category: OA Speaker Assortments

O.A. Sampler - Volume 1
4 CD Set (CD Set 437)     O. A. Sampler - Volume 1
Excellent circuit Speakers from O.A.. Sharing their experience, strength and hope with each other and you!
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Category: OA Speaker Assortments

Rhonda C - O.A.
8 CD Set This is a combination Big Book Study and Back to Basics Experience for Overeaters Anonymous members. Using the Big Book and an experiential approach to the steps over a weekend study. Recorded in Madison, Wisconsin in the summer of 2010. A great addition to your collection!
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Category: OA Speaker Assortments

2005 Overeaters Anonymous Retreat
8 CDs. Spring Into Action-Overeaters Anonymous Retreat. Buffalo, MN, April 2005. Janice P. on Step One, Tammy D. on Steps Two & Three, Tracy P. on Steps Four & Five, Jackie C. on Steps Six & Seven, Sheila H. on Steps Eight & Nine, Etta W. on Steps Ten, Eleven & Twelve, Jason R. on “Rocketed Into the Fourth Dimension”, Stacie Y. on Re-Entry.
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Category: OA Speaker Assortments

2004 Overeaters Anonymous Conv.
21 CDs. Overeaters Anonymous Convention XXXI. There is a Solution. At Minneapolis, MN, November, 2004. Personal stories: Amy G, Teryl B., Greg C., Leah M, Charlie G., Lynn H., Kristie M., Doug W., Bev C., Sue W., Floyd O., Patty M., Wanda, Anne, Gwen G., and Robin B. Plus Katie F. on Step One; Aida R. and Randy F. on Step Two; Ruth N. and Sue B. on Step Three; Howard W. and Deborah RW. on Steps Four and Five; Susan A., Dawn S., Etta W. and Elizabeth on Plan of Eating; Kristen P. and Bob P. on Steps Six and Seven; Laurie & Eileen O. on Steps Eight and Nine; Ellen M. and Victoria V. on Sponsorship; Amy G. on Living in the Solution; Teryl B. on Living in the Solution; Sara S. and Sharon S. on Steps Ten and Eleven; Amy G. and Teryl B. on Step Twelve.
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