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Category: Debtors Anonymous

DA Regional Fellowship Day 2008
6 CD Set CD-395 Debtors Anonymous Regional Fellowship Day, April 2008 - Minneapolis, MN TOPICS: Nuts & Bolts of DA, Daily Practice - Underearning - Meditation, Longtimers, Spending Plan, Steps & Promises
$ 45.00 View Cart Check Out
Category: Debtors Anonymous

21st DA Conference, Sturbridge, MA
15 CD Set    21st Annual Debtors Anonymous Conference in Starbridge, MA - August 2007 Available in CD format only
$ 95.00 View Cart Check Out
Category: Debtors Anonymous

20th Annual DA Conference San Diego
17 CD Set 20th Annual Debtors Anonymous Conference in San Diego, CA - August 2006 Available in CD formay ony
$ 95.00 View Cart Check Out
Category: Debtors Anonymous

18th DA Conference, Sacramento, CA
3 CD Set CD-376Debtors Anonymous Conference in Sacramento, CA This set covers Steps 1-12 - Available in CD format only
$ 23.00 View Cart Check Out
Category: Debtors Anonymous

2003 Debtors Anonymous Conference
16 CDs. 17th Annual Debtors Anonymous World Service Conference. Minneapolis, MN, August 2003. Topics: A New Found Hope; Steps One Three, Our Higher Power; Getting Right With Ourselves; Getting Right With Our Fellows; From Under-Earning to Abundance; Spending Plan; Living Debt-Free One Day at a Time; Establishing a Vision for Your Business; Debt-Free Business Ownership; Business Under-Earning; Spirituality: God is in the Numbers; Visions and Promises; Debt-Free Holidays; Couples in D.A. Recovery; Your D.A. Toolbox; The Life of the Fellowship: The Twelve Traditions.
$ 80.00 View Cart Check Out
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